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Il nostro servizio a colpo d'occhio

In linea con i nostri scopi e valori, il nostro obiettivo è quello disostieni le tue impresetucapire ilnuove tendenze di mercatoe condizioni, nonchéindividuando soluzioniin modo da contribuire a sostenere le vostre operazioni nella transizione da un silos  convenzionale, e cartaceo a più agile, trasparente, efficiente, efficace, innovativo e sostenibilequelli.

Allo scopo, noi  fornisce i seguenti servizi

Attività commerciale


We contribute to improve your business efficiency and profitability. Process mapping, identification and analysis of strengths & weaknesses, proposing of data and risk-based short to long term improvement opportunities and plans. Stategies, HR, Operations, Technical & Technology, Project Management.


Tutte le mani

We help you to increase your visibility, reputation and business opportunities. Brokering, lobbying, networking, advisory, counseling, connecting with public and private businesses and stakeholders, at local as well as global levels.



We support you in the identification and participation to research, development and implementation of national and international projects that aims to improve Logistics, Mobility and Supply Chain businesses by means of technological and process innovations (i.e., not limited, smart ports, smart cities, last mile optimization, elimination of bottlenecks, standardization, interoperability, and much more).


SDG Wheel_WEB.png

Sustainability has a special place in our hearts. For the purpose, we have specifically established ReLOG3P, a fast-growing Startup based in Italy offering innovative, new-to-market products and services to support the Global Logistics and Supply Chains (end-to-end) to contribute achieving the UN Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals. Come and discover the great potential of ReLOG3P services to support your business Sustainability!

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