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Stefano Negrini

Hello there!

I am a wide, strategic, visionary, creative, bold, WITHOUT THE BOX mindset professional, with 30 years of experience in within the industrial fields, of which over 25 in the port and logistics sector.

I have collected direct and wide international experience, from ground up, with a solid track record and strong talent in engineering, technology, business processes and operation, driving operational excellence, efficiency, quality and cost control through the spearheading and deployment of Lean Management and “Responsible & Ethic, Values & Purpose-Based, Trustworthy, Democratic, Agnostic, Agile, Modular and Scalable, (cyber)Secure & Privacyinnovation, culture and practices, as well as analytical, risk-based, data-driven decision making.

From 2012 onwards I have been increasing my focus on digitization and data science, with particular attention to the application and opportunities that may challenge the “business-as-usual” status-quo, unlocking potentials and allowing Logistics, Supply Chains, Mobility and Transportation industries to provide their contribution in the achieving of the UN Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals as well as the EU objectives set by the Green Deal, Fit for 55% Package, Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, Digital Strategy, throughout leaner processes and technology.

I strongly believe in and advocate in believing before others understand, integrity, respect, people, safety, sustainability, business agility, values & purpose-based innovation.

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Michelle Tan

Hi there!


I am an independent, confident, persuasive and motivating self-starter HR professional with past experiences, among others, in the Ports and Maritime fields, a creative mindset armed with a never give up attitude.

I am as well someone who gains satisfaction from challenges and bringing improvements not only in the workplace, but also in my own daily life. With my creative and spontaneous mindset, I am always on the lookout for doing things creatively yet targeting the most efficient, effective and sustainable way, without compromising on quality.

My main expertises embraces mainly the Human Capital,  Administration and Project Management portfolios, where I do challenge / disrupt the “usual way of doing to obtain the best results.

I am a convinced believer in integrity, honesty, humbleness, people and sustainability.

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